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I'm Sarah (Marie), the creative force behind Samari Designs. I'm here to share and sell my wares, exchange ideas and connect with new creative friends, and maybe inspire you to get started on your next project or pursue your own creative path.


My creative journey is deeply influenced by my upbringing on the southern coast of California, where I started selling handmade bags under the moniker "Samari Designs" nearly 20 years ago at markets in La Mesa, Little Italy, Solana Beach and North Park. 


My favorite memories have to do with creating and community, which I learned from my grandma Parisi. To me, she was a masterful artisan who spent her days sourcing everything necessary to make food and clothing to provide for her family. Under her gentle guidance, I learned the art of sewing and spent countless hours by her side kneading dough, picking berries and figs, or turning McCall Magazine models in to paper dolls while she worked to complete her tasks. These moments of connection, creativity, and resourcefulness laid the foundation for my passion of what I now view as a form of modern homesteading.

Perhaps the most enduring lesson my grandmother taught me is that creativity knows no bounds. She proved that you don't need much to create a good life, and one that you love. Many of the textiles she worked with were repurposed. In her world, nothing was wasted, and everything had purpose. As part of an immigrant community, resources were pooled, and knowledge was shared. This ethos of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and sense of community continues to shape my approach to design and living. I look forward to sharing with you.

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